Photo optimization demo

Optimize photos for specified print size before uploading them.

Print settings
Quality Meter

Quality meter indicates whether photos are suitable for printing on the paper size. To get the best quality prints it is recommended to select photos with green marks. The recommended image dimensions are 1600x1800.

This sample application demonstrates how to optimize photos for different print sizes with ActiveX/Java Uploader. You just specify on which paper size photos are going to be printed, and after that the application calculates the optimal image size. ActiveX/Java Uploader then resizes images to this calculated size before it uploads them. This approach allows users to reduce the amount of traffic sent from client machines to a Web server. Also, the application enables quality meter to indicate whether photos are suitable for printing on the specified paper size. Other ActiveX/Java Uploader features demonstrated here are:

  • Copying EXIF data from original image to the optimized photo.
  • Automatic rotation of photos depending on EXIF information in the file.
  • Changing thumbnail size dynamically at run-time.
  • Setting quality meter settings dynamically at run-time.

This demo application works with the Professional, or Premium edition of Upload Suite.