Fail-safe upload demo

This application shows how to set up ActiveX/Java Uploader to make upload process stable in the case of problems with an Internet connection.


Sometimes connection problems occur unexpectedly during the uploading of files to a Web server. This sample application demonstrates how to set up ActiveX/Java Uploader to recover the upload process in this event. The approach requires ActiveX/Java Uploader to send each file as chunks in multiple HTTP POST requests. Also we specify how many attempts ActiveX/Java Uploader performs in order to resume the upload of the current chunk, and the period of time between these attempts. Here are the key features used in the application:

  • Upload of files by chunks of fixed size in multiple HTTP POST requests.
  • Resume upload automatically when the connection breaks.
  • Upload of MD5 hash values for selected files. This feature allows users to check whether files added to the upload list have already been uploaded to the Web server or not.

This demo application works with the Professional, or Premium edition of Upload Suite.